Q. do you own the aircraft?

A. JustJet is a broker for operators and we use multiple different charter operators to fly our passengers.


Q. Is the plane filled for jet shares?

A. Not always. It is fully understood that filling an aircraft is taking away the space you want when flying privately, therefore, for all flights where the aircraft is configured with sofas, only 1 person is seated on a two person sofa or 2 people on a three person sofa. This means that all customers are able to enjoy a spacious and relaxing flight.


Q. Is there a minimum number of passengers required for a jet share to fly?

A. Yes. However, the number is dependent on the flight and aircraft, this is due to the varying costs that need covering.


Q. What’s Included?

A. All our flights operate as a normal full fare charter guest would receive. This means that VIP lounges, Catering (subject to contract), beverages, snacks and magazines are all included. On some flights there will also be a flight attendant who will cater to your every need within reason.


Q. Who RECEIVES the payment?

A. Your payment goes direct to the charter firm. Once you have signed contracts sent by the operator, an invoice will be sent directly from the operator to the guest, who then pays the full amount.


Q. How’s it so cheap?

A. Due to the nature of empty legs, the operators don’t mind only covering costs on the flights, therefore, you are getting the flight for up to 80% off.