How are we different ?

  1. PERSONAL SERVICE - A personal service that will arrange your travel from door to door. We don’t just sell you a flight, we offer a lifestyle.

  2. SAVE HOURS BY FLYING PRIVATE - Arrive at the private terminal just 20 minutes before scheduled departure, no queues, you just relax and wait for your captain to come and take you to your aircraft. On landing, you should be out the airport within 25 minutes, this allows you to spend more time at your destination and travel efficiently.

  3. FRACTION OF THE COST - As specialists in empty legs, we are able to offer the same level of service as a full charter at just a fraction of the cost, with savings of up to 80% on your private travel.

  4. NON-MEMBERSHIP JET SHARING - We are the pioneers of non-membership jet sharing, this means that you won’t be locked in with us but can you us as often or as little as you like. By operating cost effective flights we enable ourselves to offer this service, currently the only one of its type within Europe. With JustJet, all our prices are all inclusive, enabling a simple and straightforward way of travelling.